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Polycarbonate does a great job

of keeping out trash, rabbits, rain, snow and hail.


SALE ENDS MAY 31, 2023


Polycarbonate is add on only.  Polycarbonate needs a solid frame like a ready made cover or a custom steel window well cover to support the poly.

If you already have have window well covers we can add Polycarbonate to most existing covers


SALE ENDS MAY 31, 2023

Polycarbonate is a clear high grade plastic used in bullet proof windows. Polycarbonate is 30 times stronger then Plexiglas.

What Polycarbonate will do

Polycarbonate covers will keep most rain and snow from falling directly into your window wells during a storm.


Colorado Springs typically gets hammered with hail storms during the summer months. These hail storms are random and often hit one part of town much harder then the rest of Colorado Springs. When this happens basements can get flooded. Either the volume of rain and hail falling directly into a window well is more then its ability to drain or It happens when gutters can’t handle the rain and hail causing large amounts of both rain and hail to pour directly into a window well.


During a snow storm window wells can fill up with snow making escape impossible in the event of an emergency such as a fire. Polycarbonate cover will keep most of the snow out of the window well.

When you have Polycarbonate covers the snow can pile up on top of them. It is recommend that after a snow storm you remove the snow that has accumulated on the cover. Only the egress window wells (the wells with ladders) need to be cleared. If the snow is left on the Polycarbonate window well cover the weight of the snow may make removing them in an emergency very difficult. It is still better to have the snow on the cover instead of in the window well itself.


What Polycarbonate will not do

Since they are not watertight surface water can still run into a window well this happen when the ground and yard around a window well is unable to either drain or absorb the rain faster then it is accumulating and runs over the top of the window well and into the window well. With a Polycarbonate cover it will slow the flow of water into the well and may prevent or reduce the amount of water that gets into your basement. As mentioned above if a deluge of hail and rain fall directly onto a Polycarbonate cover instead of directly into an uncovered window well the hail and water will be diverted to the outside of the window well and may still ended up in the window well. If this happens the amount will be much less and would contain only rain water and not the hail. Since 2001 we have been providing Colorado Springs home owners with the most options when it comes to basement window well covers. We offer free estimates and Military discounts.

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